Lyrics: Romeo & Juliet

Song: Romeo & Juliet
Released: 2006
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Romeo & Juliet lyrics
It's Mickey Avalon here.
Leading lambs to water. Ha.
A little diddy about slipping out the back, when you're lover just wont let you be.
ha ha ha
You know bout that.
Yo, my woman weeps when I walk out the door and hop in my caddie twoards the liqour store.
Cause she knows I wont I wont be home for days with hookers and hotel rooms and cocaine.
Avalon's gone and he might not make it back.
(That cat's crazy, I hear he smokes crack)

Life's been a haze since I flunked fourth grade cause I couldn't keep my nose away from spray paint.
So now these days I've been getting headaches.
For my ? who overcooks my steak I take it personal when her moans are fake.
Ready to murder fools when she comes home late.
The dial tone leaves a lump in my throat when she screams like a psycho and hangs up the phone.
We used to be a happy pair when we first met, but now her other lover's sendin' me death threats.

Well, Romeo had Juliet (yeah)
But give me three sweeties and a new corvet.(Woo)
When it's time to strut and cut off strings. (Yeah, what?)
I make the scene.(make the scene)
Jackie'o had Johnnyet (yeah)
But I just wanna smoke your last cigarette. (hey)
It's all or nothing no in between. (no in between)
I make the scene. (Make this scene.)

Runnin' outta gas on the fast lane.
Hot Dog Carts and helicopter parts and painted ponies going up and down in my brain
This little girlie Mary Jane is drivin' me crazy.
A gypsy queen once told me "Mickey if you don't get it together you wont see twenty."
But plenty hunnies give me money for the cunnilingus
guess I sting ? lay on your tummy.
It's Mickey Av with sticky hands
Lyrical my oh man with stylish fans.
I sky scrape the heavens in just ??
Psycho killer kids say "bam ba bam bam"
I rock and roll like Nat King Cole more so
then spot a flock of seagulls.

now when you see me walking down the street
you don't know how a mother fucker could be so dope.


Struttin' down Hollywood the Friday night loot.
Pass skinny speed freaks and Hasidic Jews
manny lookin' trannies wearing high heel boots talkin' to house broke husbands in three-piece-suits.
It's freezing cold and my jeans got holes.
I ain't seen my baby since I sold my soul.
In the Vienna streets got my feet all swoll I can't walk so I crawl across the floor for more.
Now hold that thought and lock the door.
I got six in the clip and a box in the drawer.
for a spoon I'll sing you a tune.
And dance like a banshee underneath the moon.
I'll pick up clues like Nancy Drew.
And if you ain't her get out flew the coop.

Off to a place where the brawds got grace and punks don't lie straight to yo face.


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