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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I contact the webmasters?
You can contact us by e-mailing us with our contact form. It is also possible, if you have a Community account to send us (Wolf and Aiken) a personal message.

2. Can I add lyrics myself?
Yes, you can! Choose 'add lyrics' from the menu. Please follow the guidelines and have fun! After submission they will be placed in a queue and they will be checked by us. If they are correct, we will add them to our site.

3. I am interested in advertising on this site. Is this possible?
Yes, that is possible. Via our sponsored links on the left side of your screen, your website link will be placed in a rotation system which randomly rotates all the sponsored links. This way your site will be equally much displayed as all other sponsored websites. Having your link there will increase your website traffic and popularity. If you are interested, sign up here

4. I found a dead link and I think you should know. How can I contact you?
See question number one.

5. I have a correction for a lyric. How can I submit it?
If you want to correct a song, go to where the song is located at Above the song title you will see a gray table with an icon. Click this icon or the text link and a pop-up will open with the respective lyrics.

6. I have a nice suggestion for an upcoming poll!
We are always interested in your input. You can contact us by e-mailing (see web- and submasters page) or personal message Wolf or Aiken.

7. What are the Top 50 and the Top 10 lists based on?
Both lists are actually the same - the top 10 list displays the most visited lyrics within the last 24 hours. The top 50 is the expanded version of the top 10.

8. Where do you guys live?
Wolf, Aiken and all submasters live on Planet Earth.

9. Can I contact one of you by MSN, AIM, ICQ or any other messaging service?
No, you can only contact us with the contact forms on this site or by private messaging. We are very happy with our privacy :)

10. There is a bug in the PHP/HTML code. How can I report that?
Report it here or contact Wolf or Aiken by private messaging.

11. Do you earn money by this website?
Our goal with this website is not to make profit, but to provide you and ourselves with the best and most complete lyrics archive on the web, without popups, popunders or spy/adware. All money that is earned by advertising is spent on maintenance costs.

12. Can I become a submaster?
Yes, you certainly can. Send an e-mail with a little motivation why you want to become a submaster. If we think you're okay, you'll have access to the submaster panel at which you can add lyrics and post news. As a little reward you will have your own e-mail address and more!

13. I wrote really excellent lyrics myself. Can I submit them?
No, the artist must be more or less famous. If you hit the charts one time, we might add your lyrics. Who knows..

14. Can I suggest an artist of the week?
Sure, we're happy to take requests. E-mail us now or use private messaging.

15. I am the artist and I have copyright on the songs. I want you to remove the songs immediately!
We are aware of the fact artists have copyright on the songs. We constantly remind our visitors on that. On the bottom of the page: "All lyrics remain property of owner". Therefore, we do not claim copyright on the lyrics or violate laws. If you still don't agree with our policy, contact us here. Guide

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