Lyrics: Battle Dawn

Song: Battle Dawn
Released: 0000
Rating: 53.0 out of 100
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Battle Dawn lyrics
I must contain my anger, or I won't control my power-
But gods! How long I've waited just to see this very hour!
It's just as well I'm not the one who calls the storm of fire---
Or I would turn this battle plain into your funeral pyre!

The priests all say I must not hate--- but I will not pretend.
I saw the wreck you made of her, my Herald and my friend---
The scars you left in flesh and soul will be so slow to fade---
Oh, would I had your coward heart beneath my naked blade!

I must control my rage, or lose ability to plan,
I must direct the fight from here, not charging in the van.
As you will likewise do, no doubt, for all that you are cruel
And revel in shed blood and pain, I think you are no fool.

But in the name of all the gods, you're all that I despise,
Who planned to take by treachery my kingdom as your prize---
My throne, my child, my people. All, you plotted to despoil---
By tricks that only miracles enabled us to foil.

I must control my fury or let slip all that I've sought-
But vengeance would not be enough for all the grief you've wrought.
Gods grant this day you fall beneath the steel of me and mine---
And drink full deeply of defeat, that cold and bitter wine.

My crown is on my brow, my naked blade within my hand.
My army like an eager hound lies waiting my command.
With how you tortured, killed and lied revealed to them this day---
By all the stars that ever shone,
By all the gods, known and unknown,
For Herald Kris and my Queen's Own---
I swear that you will pay!

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dummy LeAnn Anderson wrote on 20th Jul 2015, 11:31h:
Donald is on the right track. This song takes place during the book Arrow's Fall by Mercedes Lackey, who also wrote the song. This is the third book in the Heralds of Valdemar trilogy.rnrnThe character singing the song is Queen Selenay of Valdemar. It is
directed at Prince Ancar of Haldorn. The Heralds are both advisors and soldiers as well as messengers.rnrnSelen - ay - is mad because Ancar plotted to spoil her daughter Elspeth (thus keeping Valdemar without an heir for its throne), killed Herald Kris,
and raped and tortured Herald Talia, who is the Queen's Own, serving as a chief advisor to the royal family. In fact, the entirety of the second verse is devoted to what he did to Talia, who just barely managed to warn Selenay in time, thus the
"miracles" - that enabled Selenay to foil his plans.rnSo yes, it actually goes a little beyond revenge.
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dummy Donald wrote on 25th Apr 2015, 18:18h:
I think it's about revenge...
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dummy Clara Stevens wrote on 21st Apr 2015, 11:29h:
What is the song about? Sounds like a game.
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