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Artist: Alter Bridge
1 new lyrics to the album: AB III.5.

Artist: Angus & Julia Stone
13 new lyrics to the album: Down The Way.
6 new lyrics to the album: Heart Full Of Wine EP.
4 new lyrics to the album: A Book Like This.
5 new lyrics to the album: Chocolates & Cigarettes EP.
1 new lyrics to the album: 90210 Music Season 02.
1 new lyrics to the album: Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn [Soundtrack].
1 new lyrics to the album: Mon Pote.
Alter Stone
3rd Jul 2015, 16:04h
Andrea is the man!
1st Jul 2015, 0:11h
Alkaline Trio
27th Jun 2015, 17:05h
Drones are original high
23rd Jun 2015, 2:16h

Latest Reviews

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal wrote on
2nd Aug 2015, 11:20h:
Atif Aslam best singer of the world :)
siva wrote on
1st Aug 2015, 14:36h:
nalin wrote on
30th Jul 2015, 12:18h:
thats owesom............
- really - goood app
hj wrote on
28th Jul 2015, 0:01h:
Web Of Light has an eerie sense of finality-yet gives an impression of worse times ahead.
ghhf wrote on
27th Jul 2015, 23:20h:
An awsome song
raksha wrote on
25th Jul 2015, 15:16h:
love this song a lot....and d singer : )
LeAnn Anderson
LeAnn Anderson wrote on
20th Jul 2015, 11:31h:
Donald is on the right track. This song takes place during the book Arrow's Fall by Mercedes Lackey, who also wrote the song. This is the third book in the Heralds of Valdemar trilogy.rnrnThe character singing the song is Queen Selenay of Valdemar. It is
directed at Prince Ancar of Haldorn. The Heralds are both advisors and soldiers as well as messengers.rnrnSelen - ay - is mad because Ancar plotted to spoil her daughter Elspeth (thus keeping Valdemar without an heir for its throne), killed Herald Kris,
and raped and tortured Herald Talia, who is the Queen's Own, serving as a chief advisor to the royal family. In fact, the entirety of the second verse is devoted to what he did to Talia, who just barely managed to warn Selenay in time, thus the
"miracles" - that enabled Selenay to foil his plans.rnSo yes, it actually goes a little beyond revenge.
Raj Aryan
Raj Aryan wrote on
19th Jul 2015, 16:59h:
How can I explain my feelings........towa - rds - my lover don't know.......... Nyone help me for tht so plz.........
cassidy wrote on
18th Jul 2015, 2:30h:
this is a good song and i like the way that they put it where it has the artist, album, song, when it was released and the rating of the song. I like the fact that it gives you the option to buy the album if you want though i wish it did state the price
of the album if you did decide to buy it so that you weren't clicking something without knowing what the dollar amount of the album is. one other thing that i wish that they had is that you could just buy the one particular song if you so wished to do
because some people just want the song and not the album just the song that they are looking up,
Abhishek Pandey
Abhishek Pandey wrote on
14th Jul 2015, 18:13h:
This songs make me remembered to someone.

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