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Artist: Tony Bennett
19 new lyrics to the album: Duets II.
Tony 'albums' Bennett
29th Mar 2015, 4:54h
Some R&B / HipHop / Rap
27th Mar 2015, 21:48h
Madonna and Rixton 2015
25th Mar 2015, 22:05h
Cookies... Oh, no, Kooks! The Kooks!
23rd Mar 2015, 23:02h

Latest Reviews

Amey Gawade
Amey Gawade wrote on
1st Apr 2015, 13:54h:
Heart touching words & music....... :) ;)
SuMYTH wrote on
1st Apr 2015, 8:34h:
Awesome 1 of My Best Song
Haya ali
Haya ali wrote on
31st Mar 2015, 17:17h:
ratif aslam voice is Godgifted. He is really best singer.
ayesha wrote on
31st Mar 2015, 17:15h:
best song ever atif aslam is best singers of all
pooja wrote on
31st Mar 2015, 14:04h:
this is a awesome song..its a heart touching song
Tauyzcha wrote on
30th Mar 2015, 21:27h:
@shay j
This will also be my wedding song if I can just get over the fear of singing it. My wwedding date is also June 13th 2015! So congratulations!!!!
James Blunt
James Blunt wrote on
29th Mar 2015, 13:38h:
I can't understand a single word.
Biswadeep kar
Biswadeep kar wrote on
29th Mar 2015, 11:12h:
What a song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!yaar.. - Atif - u r the best...girls lines are awesome..who is she ??? ..but never the less u r the best #RESPECT FROM INDIA...
Naman750 wrote on
25th Mar 2015, 20:48h:
Bro. what can i say about you and your singing man...........every single line whatever i want to say to you write there No comments for you speechless ............!!!!!
pihu sharma
pihu sharma wrote on
22nd Mar 2015, 10:26h:
so heart toching song...

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