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Surrey, Guildford
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Writing; Reading; Music; Horror Movies; Art (mostly gothic, dark, things that reflect emotions); Kittens; Penguins; Wolves; Tigers; Snakes; Spiders (not too fond of em tho); Stealth (Thorpe Park!); Anything fast (cars, motorcycles, you name it). Nature; Wicca; Occult; Corsets; Camden Town; Whitby; Tatoos; Peircings... And to make myself a freak, I love science, english, textiles, maths, and drawing.
Other Things:
You'll find me on most sites as:

I do have myspace; bebo ect, though i'm rarely on. I adore cherries, mangos, banannas, lychee and kiwi fruit. I own a kitten and dog, the kittens called (bro and sis still arguing) either Tom or Drama. My dog's called Tigger, he's a gorgeous Jack Russel. I'm teaching the kitten tricks and how to bite people.

I'm not an emo, goth, or any other stereo type you'll come up with. I will accept being called these, but I don't appriciate it.
I have (currently) brown hair with pinkish-purple streaks and ends, above elbow length. I'm not skinny. I do wear dark make-up, I love anything scary, or to do with horror. I dislike heights though I'll still go on rollercoasters ect, as long as I know I'm safe.

I'm debating out of two boys which one I like the most, should flirt with, can get with, can steal (if they have a girlfriend), and am cruel when I need to be. I'm a double Capricorn (Moon and Sun sign), I'm disorganised, I avoid a lot of things, my confidence level changes as does my personallity, thus having the names Faith/Lala, and Blood. Bloods my more egolistic side, Faith's my generally nicer side.

I want to be a lawyer, doctor or writer. Still debating, like them all, and I will put an effort into it if I really want to do it. I adore the occult, thus my religion is a mixture of Buddhist (parents) and Wicca (my own choice). I am half asian and europian, my main bloodlines being thai, norweigon, english and chinese. I can't speak any other language except english, I can't speak french well, though I understand more.

I cherish my friends and the little things I have, the small things that people remember, and if you can make me smile (not too hard anymore). Small things like giving me a flower or a hug, asking if I'm okay and just being generally caring, will win me into you're friends list and I will always be there for you, and will try my hardest to never let you down.
I am considered cold and uncaring, I am harsh, and I speak the blunt truth when I choose to.

My favourite colours? Earth colours (brown and green); autumn colours (maroon, red, purple/violet); blue; and black.

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I don't exactly like their new songs but I can't say I dislike them either. My mates and I take the micky out of this song. Anyway, she's got an amazing voice, the lyrics are good, she's playing the piano herself (why did you leave Ben Moody?!?!?!?! WHYYY?!?!!?) anyway, enough of that. The song is incredible, but after a while gets boring if you put it on repeat. Great for sending you're boyfriend to make him blush, lol. Lyrics are very true about "players" and "jerks". Not as fond of evanescence anymore, but still got the new CD to support. She's improved a lot, especially from old songs like Anything For You.
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This song, I could just cream over it. It's amazing, the only reason why I brought the album, and well it's a great song to listen to wen going to bed and generally all the time. Especially wen ur sad!!! It's just so cute. Hm... they're beautiful lyrics too. Love it. Guide

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