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Films: Aviator - the best for me. But more I like watching comedies. Adam Sandler+Ben Stiller+Will Smith=extra mix for stomache injury. Orlando is cute Nicholson is duck Cage hair sucks Cruise is crazy Joaquin Phoenix rules Johnny has scissors Books: My fav is Leo Tolstoys -Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth Nick Irtenyev 4ever Sport: Tennis and only tennis A-Rod rules Roger sucks Blake super! Nadal very very very JCF is cute Safin is nice
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If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

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Review of Makes Me Wonder:
I'm so glad that Maroon 5 is finally back. It's great. Ohhh, yeah, I liked leadsingers' new hairstyle. he is so hooooot
Review of Ooh La:
Ohhhh, it's great. My fav song now. Leadsinger has an awesome voice.Totally luv it
Review of Last Night (ft. Keyshia Cole):
It's just in my head. Nothing special, but not bad. P.Diddy looks awesome
Review of Hate Me:
I just don't get it. Well, maybe I'm stupid or maybe because of I'm only 15, but I just can't understand when 40 years old fat pig struggle with his own mother who cares and loves him. Dummy The video was stolen from Comedy Club Stupid, stupid, stupid And I don't cry when I hear it. I think I just turn it off
Review of Suddenly I See:
***Suddenly I see This is ...***ta dam, ta dam, ta dam Very nice. I think I've heard it in Devil wears Prada :]
Review of Glamorous:
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu This song sucks. She is not glamouros. She is fat cow.Thats all. Her worst song. I don't want to talk about video, because it's really totaly $hit.
Review of Listen [hidden Track]:
Review of What Goes Around Comes Around:
The song is booooorrrriiiinnngg except chorus. But video is cool
Review of :
Sometimes the system goes on the blink And the whole thing turns out wrong You might not make it back and you know That you could be well oh that strong And I'm not wrong Ohhh, I'm in love with it. When i feel down i always listen it and it really gets better
Review of Goodbye My Lover:
Ohhh, this song is sooo saaaad...But I'm lovin' it. I luv James his voice is smth special. Guide

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