Lyrics: Man Age Nabasham

Album: N/A
Song: Man Age Nabasham
Released: 2005
Rating: 48.5 out of 100
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Man Age Nabasham lyrics
man nabasham ki tou roya
if im not there who will in ur dreams
mohato naz mikoneh
dear your hair
ki ba balaye shekassteh
who will with broken wings
ba to parvaz mikoneh
fly with you
rasst begu
tell me the thruth
man ke nabasham
if im not there
akhamye pishounito
line on ur fore head
ki miad douneh douneh
will one by one
ba hoseleh baz mikoneh
open them
man nabasham
if im not there
ki miad nazeh negato mikhareh
who will die for your eyes
ki miad donbale toro be khorshid bebare
who will, bring u to the sun
ki mige haga hamishe ba toe
who says thats ur always right
vasseye khatereh to
because of you
ki mireh poshteh panjereh
who will go for you

man age nabasham
if im not there
ki vase hamishe
who will forever
toro miparaste
beleive in you
ki barat mimire
who will die for you
ki nemishe khaste
who will never be tired
ki toro mizare
who will put you
roye dota cheshmash?
on both of their eyes
ki age nabashi migireh nafassash
if ur not there who's breath will be taken away

man age nabasham
if im not there

man nabasha ki tahamol
if im not there who will tolerate
mikoneh kareh toro
all u do
ba ragib raftano aziato azareh toro
going and getting hurt from the enemies
ki e kie javaba nadeh talkhie raftareh toro
who will never say anything to your attitudes
man nabasham ki barat gesseh mige ta bekhabi
if im not there who will tell u stories until u go to sleep
ki miad sorageh royat to shab hayeh mahtabi
who wil come in ur dreams at night
ki bidareh ta to khabet bebareh
who is awake until u fall asleep
ki gayem mishe to abra ke rahat betabi
who will hide in the clouds until ur confortamble
aftab nashi beri zireh abra
dont become the sun and go under the trees
morvarid nashi beri tahe darya
dont become a pearl and go under the sea
roudkhouneh nashi beri to seyla
dont become the river and go with flow of the water
agar injouri behsheh vaveyla vaveyla
if it become like that oh god god ( va veyla is an expression)
parizadeh nashi gomshi nari azizeh mardom
dont become a fairy , dont go and become someone's sweetheart
nari safar azam dour shi
dont go on a trip and get far from from
nari ba doshmanam jour shi
dont become friends with my enemies
yevaqt basteyi najourshi
dont cause me any problem
nari parvaneh shi parvaz koni
dont become a butterfly and fly away
vasse man bi mehri avaz koni
dont leave me without a message / good reason
delam az dasteh to bichareh
my heart is becomig poor /crazy because of you
akhe to key to mikhay naz koni
until when do you want to do this ( naz kardan is another expression means like being shy and lovely (they say it to girls)
vaveyla vaveyla
oh god , oh god !!

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dummy gol wrote on 17th Feb 2008, 18:59h:
umm. .
some of the lyrics are wrong!

and also, halfway through it turns into 'vaveyla' by shahram shabpareh =S

ajab ajab
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